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2024: Looking Ahead with The Watershed

A message from publisher kc dyer

With a year under our belts here at The Watershed, I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the support of Lions Bay residents who read, discuss, argue with and otherwise contribute to this small news source. As noted in our final message of 2023, we have developed a surprisingly international readership for such a small publication, but, of course, informing local residents is our raison d'être. So when we receive suggestions for stories or compliments about a recent post, it's always appreciated.

This week, however, someone handed me cash.

While I'm used to hearing opinions about the latest article when I run into friends and neighbours on my regular dog walks around the village, it's a new experience to have someone thrust a $20 bill out the window of a car and wave it in my direction.

This particular reader wanted to show her support for the work that goes on behind the scenes every day at Watershed HQ. We definitely appreciate being appreciated! And while we'll accept financial support any way we can get it, we're going to start the new year by making it a little easier to help out than having to chase a dishevelled writer down the street.

Starting this month, The Watershed will offer a tiered subscription plan for readers who would like to support us. Subscriptions will start at $5/month and head northwards, with a few little extra goodies at each tier to sweeten the deal. We'll continue to accept donations by e-transfer, but will have more payment options available. So for about the cost of a cup of coffee each month, you can show your support for independent journalism in Lions Bay.

Interested to know what else you can do to ensure The Watershed remains a viable community voice? Keep sharing your ideas. Send us your letters! Want to write a guest column? Why not – we'd love to hear from you. Send advertisers our way and support the ones who already are on board. Share your perspective by adding your thoughts to articles, remembering that our comment sections are moderated. Civil discussion, disagreements and opinions are all valued.

As for the subscriptions, stay tuned, as we'll have more information soon. (Of course, if you are determined to hand me cash through your car window, I'll still cheerfully accept it...)

Happy New Year!

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