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Coastal Canines

Meet Zephyr, our February cover dog!

Zephyr is the pal of every dog he meets, so we couldn't have a more appropriate Valendog this year. He stole the hearts of his parents on Valentine's Day eleven years ago, and continues to steal hearts wherever he goes. [Maybe that's his best trick?]

Zephyr hails from Mt. Currie originally, and started his life as a WAG (Whistler Animals Galore) boy. He is of mixed heritage, boasting shepherd, husky and even possibly some hound, as evidenced by his skill at finding tennis balls. He's 11 1/2 years old, and his next best tricks are sitting (for treats) and finding (treats).

Zeph's favourite thing to do is to hike the Lions Bay trails, followed by a thorough back scratch. If you meet him in the woods, make sure to say hello -- he'll win your heart for sure!

If your coastal canine (or other Pacific Pet) would care to be featured in The Watershed, please forward a cover-ready glamour shot and bio to

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Norma Rodgers
Norma Rodgers
Feb 15, 2023

Both of my dogs' favourite pal!


Zeph gives a big wag and a big smile everytime he greets someone. Big hugs to Zeph.

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