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Lions Bay Tai Chi and Qigong Returns

Eighth year in the Village Hall

Tai Chi is an ancient martial art practised for fitness, defense, health benefits and meditation.

Similarly, Qigong, 'the mother of Tai Chi', uses exercises to optimize energy with the goal of

improving and maintaining health and well-being.

Village resident Pippa Phillips explains how the classes work here in Lions Bay.

"Our Instructor leads us in warm-up that helps stretch and strengthen the body. This warm-up is followed by Qigong exercises. This spring, our instructor will teach us a short Tai Chi Form that aims to exercise the mind, body & spirit."

Qigong can have a wide range of benefits running from improved circulation to increasing balance to building bone density. Classes begin April 11.

For details see the JOIN US box above, and to register, CLICK THE LINK.


Contact Pippa Phillips at

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