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September Coastal Canine

Meet Cover-Dog Manny (with Special Guest Molly)

Mr. Manny Brown came to Lions Bay from Northern Manitoba as a pup three years ago through an organization called Canine Advocates. He weighs in at 112 pounds of pure muscle. Manny loves to run and chase balls. He has yet to swim and so when he is on the water, he has to wear a life jacket that would fit a 10-year-old.

He has gorgeous amber eyes that look as if they are rimmed with kohl. He loves his humans but is shy of other dogs, which may be due to the fact that his formative socializing months were during Covid.

His genetic composition was determined to be Labradane. He is a long-legged athlete who loves to cuddle despite his less than lap-dog body habits. His humans are glad they have a king-sized bed.

Until earlier this month, Manny shared his home with his 13.5 year old black Labrador sister, Molly. Miss Molly McMollerson was a St. John Ambulance therapy dog.

In her later years, she mentored her young charge into the fine young canine he is today. Thank you for your service, Molly!

If your coastal canine (or other Pacific Pet) would care to be featured in The Watershed, please forward a cover-ready glamour shot and bio to

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Manny, we are glad you learned many things from your big sister Molly and we are so sorry she is no longer with you. Give your family lots of love, they need it right now from you big boy.

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