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Updated: Jul 1, 2023

The Importance of Supporting Indigenous Business

A fundamental way to show your support for Indigenous culture is to support businesses that have First Nations roots.

As noted HERE, in our March post on the complexity of territorial acknowledgements, The Watershed is a supporter of RAVEN, a registered charity with a mission to raise funds for Indigenous People's access to justice.

Earlier this month, reader Abby Brooks reached out to The Watershed to point us to other Indigenous-owned businesses in Canada. Contemporary food, clothing, cosmetics, and industry all benefit from traditional teachings. "Together, we can make a positive impact on the lives of these entrepreneurs and their communities," Abby writes.

Inspired by Abby's list, here are a sprinkling of local Indigenous companies to get you started:

Raven Reads: Indigenous books and giftware available through subscription boxes and more.

I-Hos Gallery: Traditional and contemporary Northwest Coast artwork, including masks, prints, gold and silver jewelry, wood carvings and more, produced by First Nations artists.

Sisters Sage: Decolonize your shower! Sisters Sage uses traditional Indigenous ingredients in our artisan soaps, bath bombs, salves, and smokeless smudge.

Skwalwen Botanicals: Sḵwálwen is the Squamish word for heart, and this company, founded by ethnobotanist Leigh Joseph of Squamish First Nation, offers skincare products grounded in the natural world.

Decolonial Clothing: Tees, hoodies and accessories designed and produced by local Indigenous designers and manufacturers.

First Nations businesses are not hard to find. Rebecca Janecek's post HERE, broadens horizons past BC borders, and lists American Indigenous-owned businesses as well as Canadian.

What Indigenous companies do you support? Do you have suggestions for further resources? The Watershed welcomes your input! Please feel free add your comments below, or send them to

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Unknown member
Apr 14, 2023

I support Manitobah Mukluks. I have their exquisitely beaded slippers and beautiful winter boots. Very fine workmanship and unique designs. Highly recommended!

kc dyer
kc dyer
Apr 14, 2023
Replying to

Thanks, Mary! Excellent suggestion.

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