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Summertime Village Welcome

Greeting New Residents and Celebrating Others

Once again, I am delighted to welcome new residents to our community, some of whom you may have met already. Let's begin with the Goldstein family, who recently moved into their new home on Stewart Road. They moved here from Kerrisdale, now that a three-year renovation is complete. While the work was completed, they have lived in various rentals in the Village, Squamish, Horseshoe Bay and Commercial Drive before finally moving home. Now that they are here, they tell me they've found their fellow Villagers to be welcoming.

The Goldstein Family

Soon to be moving to lower Bayview are the Mirzaghafour family. Welcome to Hossein, Tahereh, and their children Daniel, Diana and Benjamin (12, 7, and 5.) Tahereh is a very busy mom and her husband operates a construction and renovation company. They are very excited to come to the Village and are delighted about their new house purchase. They loved the village at first sight. They will be moving in after taking a long-awaited offshore family vacation to see loved ones.

New to Lower Kelvin Grove Way are Krystle and Alex Rzepa. Welcome!

Newlyweds Vincent Riche and his wife Tifarah have moved to Mountain Drive. Congratulations on your nuptials!

Recently arrived to Upper Oceanview, and within my Block Watch area, is a new member of Lions Bay Fire & Rescue, Damien Yao. It’s always good to have an LBFR member in the neighbourhood and I look forward to meeting Damien soon and welcoming him in person.

The Driscoll Family

In late March I mentioned that our Village’s nine-year Administrative Assistant, Shawna Driscoll, and her husband Thomas, had told their three-year-old daughter Hannah that she will have a new baby brother or sister this September. Shawna’s last day before departing on maternity leave will be Friday, August 18. If you have a moment please drop in to the office and extend your congratulations to Shawna, our longest tenured administrative staff member by far. We won’t get to see her again before September 2024.

Peter Tielens has been a Villager for six years and lives near the tennis courts. He is a co-manager at the marina and I see him often in the summer. One day we were chatting, and the topic turned to his love for foosball. Turns out that for years he has organized tournaments and travelled across North America as a player. Peter's late wife Moya was regarded as the most talented female player ever, having won eleven world titles in all. In May this year, Canada Foosball, a not-for-profit organization located in Ottawa, decided to create a Canadian Foosball Hall of Fame. The board elected three inaugural members, of which Moya and Peter were two. Moya was recognized for her greatness as a player, and while Peter has held a world title and won a few Canadian events, he is more recognized as a long-term promoter of the sport. Just a note that should the Events Committee ever host a foosball-night and you see Peter there, don’t play for cash!

Peter Tielens in action

The ESS (Emergency Support Services) contribution to the community in an emergency situation has always been invaluable. In May, I was fortunate to attend classroom training with Lions Bay Fire Rescue members Dennis Singh Minhas and Charity Stelmacker to qualify for the ESS team. The Lions Bay contingent was singled out by the instructor, who herself had been trained by our own legendary ESS trainer and leader, Sally Pollock. If you are able to commit the time to courses, and in an emergency are prepared to leave your family to help others, consider joining the ESS team and contact ESS Director Mary Brown at

Ron McLaughlin, Charity Stelmaker and Dennis Singh Minhas

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Keep well and enjoy the rest of the summer.

Want to share your thoughts or greet a new neighbour? The Watershed welcomes your contribution. Leave a comment below, or email

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Thanks Ron for introducing us all to newcomers in the village. When you started this during Covid so that new residents could be welcomed by the whole community it became something I looked forward to. Kudos for keeping this up as it is a ray of Sunshine in an often stormy sea.

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