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Find out what's happening in The Watershed!

This week, Lions Bay residents should find a little gift from The Watershed in your mailboxes. Snail mail, for a change!

When it arrives, you can stick this postcard up on your bulletin board as a reminder of some of the regular, important events in Lions Bay. Garbage days, council evenings, and of course, publication day for the monthly digest of The Watershed!

However, because these postcards are considered unaddressed ad-mail by Canada Post, they will not allow them to be delivered to anyone who has asked not to receive flyers.

If you are on that list, but you'd like one of these reminder postcards for yourself, just drop us a line to, and we'll deliver one to your door!

Also? The flip side is an actual postcard, so if you know someone you think should be reading, you can pop it in the mail to them. QR codes on both sides can be scanned to take readers right to our site at

Thank you for being a reader of The Watershed, for helping us spread the word, and for supporting independent journalism in Lions Bay.

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Great idea Karen, thanks for putting this together.

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