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Council Conflicts Continue

Councillor's Open Letter rebuts Mayor's First Year Progress Report

Many Lions Bay residents opened their email inboxes this week to find an open letter from Councillor Neville Abbott. In the letter – the first time, he says, he's been moved to write something of the kind since taking office – Abbott tackles a printed missive from Mayor Ken Berry that was delivered to village residences in mid-November.

In Berry's eight-page document, titled "From the Mayor of the Village of Lions Bay First Year Progress Report", the Mayor says the report is intended "to highlight many of the challenges, changes and achievements of the last year" and to share the vision he holds for the village. Readers who "value free speech and do not agree with censorship" are encouraged to follow two QR codes on the front page to links containing the full report, which was posted online in October.

While neither document has been discussed in a Council meeting, both have been widely shared among residents online and through social media.

Abbott's response distances himself from the Mayor's report, and expresses his frustration that the politically-charged atmosphere of Council means the business of the village is not getting done. He goes on to "set the record straight" with regard to a list of issues in the mayor's earlier message, and then lays out his concerns for the future of village infrastructure projects and planning under the current administration.

It remains to be seen whether either document will be addressed at an open Council meeting.

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Yes, it would be great to have the two different sets of 'alternate' facts discussed at a council meeting, as it would appear someone is lying. As usual, thanks to the Watershed for bringing this issue to the forefront.


Norma Rodgers
Norma Rodgers
02 de dez. de 2023

I share Councillor Abbott's concerns about the first year of Council's term. There has been politicking rather than collaboration, and cronyism in hiring staff and appointing committee members rather than seeking qualified people. I am also concerned that Village finances are not in experienced hands, with one major problem being a very late annual report that could jeopardize future grants.

I wonder about the Mayor's goal for his 8 page missive. He insulted residents who have voiced criticisms, Councillors who have disagreed with him, Mr. Barmeier who resigned from council, and previous experienced staff who he erroneously claimed were negligent. The Mayor had also taken credit for grants already received or issued to every community in BC, and projects undertaken…

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