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Settler Education 101: The Indigenous Canadian Flag

Lifting Up Indigenous People on July 1

This flag was designed by Curtis Wilson, an Indigenous artist who was born and raised in Campbell River, and whose family were from Kwakwaka’wakw territory.

Describing the design of this piece, he said: "A killer whale is within the maple leaf and the red bands are each with a salmon design. Throughout my life, I have come to learn all the hardships and struggles that First Nations people have faced in this country. This design speaks for my love and visions of my heritage and the country I live in – standing together in support of each other."

You can buy work designed by Curtis Wilson and other Indigenous artists HERE.

Other thoughtful ways to mark July 1 include:

Have you got a plan to recognize, support and celebrate Indigenous people on July 1?

Share your thoughts in the comment section below, or email The Watershed at

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Being a long time lover of Canadian indigenous art , the likes of Daphne Odjig and Roy Henry Vickers. I love the Canadian flag, it’s nice to see it incorporated into our maple leaf, we’re there can be recognition of the long struggle they have fought in their country.🇨🇦

David Butler Happy Canada Day.🇨🇦🇨

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