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Winter Tire Reminder

Sea to Sky Highway regulations in effect October 1-March 31

The beginning of October may feel like the start of spooky season, but it's also when Sea to Sky Highway vehicles require snow tires for the winter, so the driving isn't completely frightful.

Regulations along the Sea to Sky are enforced for a month less than most interior highways in British Columbia, many of which require snow tires to remain in place until April 30.

Passenger vehicle tires must be in good condition, with a minimum tread depth of 3.5 millimetres, and display the mountain snowflake symbol, the M+S (mud and snow) designation or both.

Trucks, buses and other vehicles over 11,794 kilograms are also required to carry chains. Vehicles without snow tires can be turned back and/or fined up to $121.

For more information, check out and Shift Into Winter.

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