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A Few Words of Appreciation

Year-end thanks from the Bear Smart Team

by Norma Rodgers

Bear selfie, June 20, 2023. Submitted by Dave Butler.

Thank you!

  • to residents who have reported 440 bear sightings to Monitoring bear activity enables the Lions Bay Bear Smart Committee to anticipate problems and adjust garbage pick up schedules if necessary.

  • to residents who attended community events and took the time to learn about bears, food waste storage and wildlife attractants.

  • to residents who keep their garbage and food waste out of bears’ reach. Also thanks to residents who switched to plastic Halloween pumpkins or only displayed real pumpkins outside during trick-or-treat time. 

  • to the Lions Bay Community School, who welcomed Bear Smart education and to the students who were eager to learn about bears.

  • to Council who enacted bylaw amendments in 2023 that enable bylaw officers to ticket attractant violations.

  • to office staff who publish bear advisories in the Village Update and facilitate bear information mail outs.

  • to Public Works staff who post bear activity signs, and accept garbage at the Works yard Friday and Saturday mornings during bear season for residents who have difficulty adhering to roadside pick up times.


We appreciate all the support from residents and staff to protect our community and the bears!


Since 2004 the Lions Bay Bear Smart Committee has worked to keep residents informed about wildlife, attractants, garbage handing and safety in bear territory. Volunteers earned Bear Smart Community Status for Lions Bay in 2011. This provincial government program connects Bear Smart communities with the Conservation Officer Service (COS). Conservation Officers Chris Ford and Sasha Zukewich currently work with the Lions Bay Bear Smart Committee to ensure the safety of residents and bears. We thank the COS for their cooperation.

We wish all of Lions Bay a wonderful, Bear Smart New Year!

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It is a big task to help in all these ways to keep our bears safe and ultimately alive. Thank you Bear Smart Committee. Thank you to everyone who has embraced the Bear Smart program year after year and for those new and young in the community for learning about and adopting the processes wholeheartedly.


And a huge thank you to the Bear Smart Committee for all of your work to educate the community and keep residents and bears safe. You are very much appreciated!

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