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Reading & Subscribing FAQ

Paid subscriptions are now available

Thank you for being a reader, supporter and member of The Watershed community!

After more than a year of bringing you news from Lions Bay and beyond, we are opening a paid subscription service, effective immediately.

For now, all existing site members (those with a private password) can still comment on articles. However, as of July 2024, readers will require a subscription in order to comment on articles, and to gain access to our member-only benefits. Depending on your level of support, there are a few extra perks that come with subscribing, including our now-famous Coastal Canine Calendar, featuring a year's worth of Lions Bay's furriest lovelies.



Student/low income subscription: $5/month

Standard subscription: $10/month

Gold subscription: $15/month

Important: Subscriptions renew monthly, and can be cancelled at any time.

To learn more details and sign up for your subscription, go to the Subscription page HERE, and you will be redirected to pay via PayPal or credit card.

We will continue to accept donations HERE, if that's your preferred way to support The Watershed. Donors whose contributions exceed the standard subscription price of $120/year will receive the same benefits as subscribers.


The Watershed has now been publishing since January, 2023. In our first year of operations, we published more than 230 stories covering local politics, artists, writers, photographers, social issues, historical touchstones and more. (A broad summary of all the stories we covered in 2023 can be found HERE). Every month we produce a comprehensive digest which is emailed out to our readership, with links back to the original pieces. It's our goal to offer news in a timely fashion, using trustworthy sources, and to encourage feedback and discussion in our community and beyond.


In the past year we’ve had more than 12,000 unique readers from 70 different countries, and we hope you’ll all continue to enjoy our stories. By buying a subscription, you are supporting independent local journalism. Thank you for your encouragement and your engagement!

Click HERE to find out how easy it is to subscribe. Questions? Email

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This subscription plan gives the readers the opportunity to support a source of local news that is built on journalistic standards. The Watershed also provides the community with information that seeks to counterbalance some of the alt-right, libertarian propaganda and the conspiracy theories that are often circulated. This is a safe refuge from the proverbial "rabbit hole".

Comment policy:

Only site members of The Watershed may comment. User names are open to choice, but members

must register with real first and last names before commenting.

We are looking for comments that are productive, insightful and contribute to the conversation.

We're interested in your perspective!

Disrespectful and anonymous comments will be removed without explanation.

Comment sections will remain open for a month, and after that time, further commentary may be directed to

Thank you for joining the discussion!

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