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Village Staff Losses Continue

The Watershed has learned this morning that Municipal Accountant Hayley Cook has submitted her resignation to the village.

Hayley has worked in the village office for more than a decade, and her loss is another blow to a community already reeling under severe staff shortages.

More information will be forthcoming as it becomes available.

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Hayley, is a superstar and she shouldn't let anyone make her feel otherwise. Her knowledge, dedication and devotion to the Village over the last 14 years is highly valued, as was that of her previous coworkers. Her contribution will never be diminished.

We had all hoped for the promised culture of transparency and healthy regard for harmony and respect for all involved.

Hayley will be greatly missed and we wish her only the best of everything going forward.

Me gusta

Miembro desconocido
25 mar 2023

Best wishes in your new job Hayley :) …….(Easy on the hyperbole editor and people)

Me gusta

Honest, hardworking, reliable and extremely knowledgeable, Hayley was not only a work cohort she was dam good at her job and a pleasure to be around. I was fortunate to have work with Hayley these past 14 years she was liked by the staff and all who came in contact with her she always had a smile and a laugh. Her leaving will be a huge loss to the Village and her knowledge of the budget and payroll will be felt by all. The present work environment is toxic and the worst it’s been, l hope this sends a message Mr Mayor and Management “ what the hell are we doing wrong” more to come I’m sure. Good luck Hayl…

Me gusta

That is such sad news. What a loss to the village! Haley is yet another dedicated, knowledgeable staff member who will be sorely missed. I wish her well in her new position.

Me gusta

Norm Barmeier
Norm Barmeier
23 mar 2023

No one wants to work in a environment where they are not valued and respected.

Me gusta
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