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CIF Update: Reporting Out

Updated: Apr 25

Beachpark Tender Cancelled, 2022 Financials Finally Available

As printed in Wednesday's edition of Council in Focus, a technology glitch meant that the 'reporting out' segment of Tuesday's closed Council meeting was not recorded.

The Watershed contacted Village staff for comment, and yesterday evening Deputy Corporate Officer Marina Blagodarov confirmed that two announcements were made.

She said that Council has announced the 2022 Lions Bay Financial Statements will be made public, and that the Lions Bay Beach Park (LBBP) Revitalization Project tender has been cancelled.

With regard to the LBBP, the plan is for staff to tender the project with a start date in September of 2024; that the integrity of the project be maintained; that the project will be "taken back to the public" and that staff are to deliver the project while looking for cost savings.

As the next regularly scheduled Council meeting is not until May 21, The Watershed has asked members of Council for their thoughts on the deferral of a project that had a promised completion date of July 1.

A reminder that there is a public participation element at Committee of the Whole (COW) meetings, the next of which is set for May 7 at 6 p.m.

As always, The Watershed welcomes your thoughts. Leave your comments below, or email us at 

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it will be interesting to learn why the tender for the beach park project was cancelled; how many bids were submitted? the bidding process called for a mandatory site visit - how many bidders attended? were the bids too high and over budget?

Replying to

that's great that you went to the site visit, and interesting that there were multiple interested bidders. My next assumption is that none of the bids were within budget. So back to the drawing board to re-design (again).

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