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In the spirit of post-election euphoria, The Watershed is feeling celebratory this morning. We'd like to offer congratulations to both Tanya Cosgrave and Jaime Cunliffe for not only putting their names forward in the first place, but for enduring an intense run for the lone council seat, and making it past the finish line with grace.

Congratulations also go out to Lions Bay Council itself, now returned to full voting power. The Watershed has heard back from many residents delighted with the result, and hoping that the rest of the term is productive and successful.

And finally, we wish the best of luck to new Councillor Jaime Cunliffe. We look forward to watching you take your seat at the table, and reporting on all the stories in which you take part.

Care to share your post-election musings? The Watershed welcomes your thoughts. Leave a comment below, or email

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I concur with everything that Dave has said. Firstly, both candidates deserve our praise and thanks for the effort they put into this by-election. There can only be one winner, but we should all be thankful that there are people in our community who are willing to make such an effort on our behalf.

I also agree that we need to get back on track with properly qualified people who do not require highly paid consultants to help them do their work. It is a tragedy that we have lost all our highly qualified, long-serving employees. Since they left, all by their own choice with the exception of our former CAO who was terminated without cause, they have been unfai…


A big thank you to both ladies for having the courage and fortitude to run in this by- election, what we need now is for the Village to come together again, it’s going to be a big struggle after the loss of almost 90% of experience and dedicated staff, who left within the first four months because of misinformation and lack of transparency from this new administration. Hopefully we can move forward and get Lions Bay back on track with qualified people with municipal experience , with people who truly care for our Village.

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