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Gran Fondo 2023, Lions Bay Edition

Village Support Delights Riders

Once again a group of dedicated residents showed their support for the 5,000 plus riders

on Saturday, September 9. Supporters formed two main sections at the entrance to Lions Bay and at the off-ramp from the store. The first GranFondo was in 2010, and village residents have cheered riders on at every event since that amazing Olympic year.

The four elite riders came around the corner at 7:31 a.m., soon to be followed by many others. The locals managed to make enough noise to wake up sleeping residents, some of whom might be puzzled by the sounds of bells, whistles and (this year), one very noisy dog. In future, locals might want to mark their calendars for the second Saturday in September.

Our tradition is to fly the Lions Bay flag, and cheer the riders onward to the next

cheering section along the Sea to Sky. We can tell from their gestures, smiles, high fives, thanks, and hands on hearts just how much our support means to them.

I want to personally thank the people who came out with their children, signs and enthusiasm to help support the brave riders who signed up for this year's epic GranFondo Race to Whistler. The final two riders rode by at 9:40 a.m. We admire their courage and endurance. And they looked pleased that some of us stayed to the very end, cheering them on!

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