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Historical Society Bids Adieu

Longtime members Fran McNichol and Helen Waterson move on

Fran McNichol joined the Lions Bay Historical Society (LBHS) in 2009 before the Olympics, and served for a number of years as treasurer. Her meticulous work and dedicated nature were the perfect fit for LBHS.

She was an integral part of the 'Lions Bay Homes Project' which was started by Noel Day. The project was in need of an update. With camera in hand and Fran’s ability to ensure the addresses correctly matched the homes, we completed it a few years ago. And today, with so many changes across various neighbourhoods, another update is needed. Each time the albums are presented at our LBHS table, we are amazed at the interest people show.

Fran was our 'Time Keeper,' and with her beautiful handwriting she made sure it was properly done each and every year.

Our annual Croquet Tournaments are always well-attended, and provide lots of memories of competition, laughter and great food. Each year we enjoyed the “Classic Jellied Salad," which was Noreen Copp’s fabulous old-fashioned recipe. Once again, Fran stepped up and continued the tradition by making it to the delight of our members.

She was always an eager participant on the bus to Horseshoe Bay and Caulfeild Village for our annual Christmas Dinner. As she moves on to spend time with her family, the members of LBHS send out a warm and heartfelt THANK YOU to Fran McNichol for her years of dedicated service.

LBHS croquet tournament with Helen Waterson, fourth from right.

Helen Waterson joined the Lions Bay Historical Society (LBHS) in 2015 as a young individual with ideas of making fundraising a fun activity. Her creativity was a welcome change, and her ability to turn a regular article into a piece of art was refreshing.

At times it was hard to track Helen down with all her travels to different continents, but her heart was always in the right place when it came to fundraising for both the Historical Society and Lions Bay Fire Rescue (LBFR).

Helen was instrumental to ensuring LBHS appeared in the weekly Village Update and whatever our news might be, she made sure to highlight it. Remembrance Day was particularly close to Helen’s heart, and she made sure to feature the Remembrance Day Service front and centre. Her knowledge was also put to good use when it came to updating our website, and the members of the LBHS are grateful for her unwavering help in all that she made possible.

Helen was a wonderful competitor and generous contributor, and always brought her unique fashion sense to our annual Croquet Tournaments. Her welcome presence was enjoyed at our famous Christmas dinners, meetings and even just quick visits to the local Café to work out issues. Helen’s contributions will always be remembered as 'One of a Kind.'

Helen recently moved to Toronto to be with her family. We will miss her smile and sparkling eyes, and wish her all the best. We hope in time we might see you again on the West Coast, Helen.

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