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Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Historical Society Update

Hello Lions Bay and Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

The Historical Society recognizes that we are a welcoming community, and the best time to demonstrate that is when new residents, or additions to families arrive.

Rose-Lemckert family

Hello to the Rose-Lemckert crew. I met them the day they were moving in, last October. They came from Vancouver’s Commercial Drive area to Seaview Place with their children: Isabel, Henry and Caspian.

Ebony and Sean welcomed a new daughter, Sunday Rose, on January 9th. Everyone is thrilled to be part of the community and they look forward to meeting more Villagers. Congratulations and welcome to everyone.

Sunday Rose

Some of you may remember one of Lions Bay’s 90’s love stories between Kellen Welch

and Sydney Link who met when Sydney was 3 and Kellen was 5. The full story can be found in my Mayor’s Message, back in July, 2019, HERE.

The abridged version is that these two children who met while at Lions Bay Community School married here in the Village in July, 2019 at both parents’ homes. They have since made their home in Maple Ridge.

The update to this is — on March 3rd they welcomed their first born, a son, Wyatt Barry Welch, weighing 7lbs, 10 oz. Welcome Wyatt!

Community residents, and grandparents Leslie Nolin, Shakil Kassam and Dennis Welch are over the moon with Wyatt’s arrival. Congratulations everyone!

Keeping with the new arrival theme, our Village’s 9-year Administrative Assistant, Shawna Driscoll and her husband Thomas have a daughter, Hannah, who is turning 3 on Sunday. They told her last week that she will have a new baby brother or sister this September. She is very excited and hasn't stopped talking about “her baby” in mommy’s tummy. Congratulations! If you are in the office, you can extend your best wishes too.

Driscoll family

Spring break means the end of the school year is near. The village established the Curly Stewart Memorial Trust Fund in 1984 to honour the life and public service of our first Mayor. Since that date there has been an annual award to an outstanding grade 12 applicant towards their further studies. What’s happened in my family makes me want to talk about your family. For example, the 2005 award winner, Thomas McLaughlin, who is a Pediatrician at Children’s Hospital addressed the standing committee on health at the House of Commons last week. You can see the presentation HERE (starting at 11 minutes 15 seconds.)

I’m going to highlight award recipients and their current stories in the coming months. I have several recipient update stories in the hopper and would appreciate if recipients or their families could reach out to me so I can profile them. Please don’t be shy, everyone is interested in what our kids are up to.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Historical Society, or if you know of interesting events, special dates, or people more of us would like to know about, please contact me.

With a family name like McLaughlin, the luck of the Irish is always with us. Today on Saint Patrick’s Day we wish the same to you. Keep well,

Ron McLaughlin

604 921 7138

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Thank you for this great update of Village News ! This brought a big smile to my face !

Welcome to the Rose-Lemckert family and congratulations on the arrival of Sunday Rose. I look forward to meeting you again when I am running on Seaview Place.

Best wishes Kellen and Sydney, and congratulations on your new baby boy.

Congratulations to Shawna, Thomas and Hannah on your new upcoming baby.

The Curly Stewart Memorial Trust Fund has a wonderful history and is a real source of pride for the Village. Take a moment when you are in Chambers to review the names of Lions Bay graduates who have gone on to do amazing things in the larger world. Be sure to…


Thank you very much Ron for keeping us all informed about Lions Bay history, whether it be old or new. Welcome to baby Sunday Rose and her family. Plus cheers to our great administrative assistant Shawna, hubby Thomas and soon to be little sister Hannah.


Wow, interesting research on Lions Bay history!

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