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Jaime Cunliffe Sworn In as Councillor

Lions Bay Council Back to Full Complement

Councillor-Elect Jaime Cunliffe took the Oath of Office to open the Council meeting on May 16, to the cheers of a large group of her supporters present in the gallery. Councillor Cunliffe was sworn in by the Honourable Judge Gregory Fitch, also a long-time Lions Bay resident.

Fitch opened proceedings by reminding all present of the privilege we share as residents of Lions Bay. Cunliffe swore the oaths as dictated by the judge, and agreed to perform the duties of her office in accordance with the law.

Once the oaths were signed, Lions Bay pins were distributed by the judge to all the councillors, and Cunliffe was welcomed to the Council table by the Mayor and her fellow Councillors.

Lions Bay Council is now back to a full complement after a rocky and contentious few months. Many residents stepped forward to congratulate Cunliffe and wish her well before the start of the closed portion of the meeting commenced.

Watch for The Watershed's full report on the evening's council meeting, including recommendations from Ministry-appointed advisor Randy Diehl, in the upcoming edition of 'Council in Focus'.

Lions Bay Village Council, 2023, from left: Councillor Michael Broughton, Mayor Ken Berry, the Honourable Greg Fitch, Councillor Jaime Cunliffe, Councillor Marcus Reuter and Councillor Neville Abbott

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Thank you for being in attendance and posting this write up KC. It was an certainly an emotional moment for everyone who worked to see Councillor Jaime Cunliffe return to the council table!


It is indeed heartwarming to have Jamie Cunliffe back on Council. Now we can move forward with transparency, fairness and the benefit of increased experience.

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