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June Coastal Canine

Meet Cover-Dog Amber

Amber in charge.

Amber came to live in Lions Bay a few years ago via the Vancouver animal shelter after she was found wandering the streets in the city.

She has the distinctive markings of a red heeler (the Australian cattle dog), combined with the short hair and physique of a Staffordshire terrier.

Despite her somewhat dubious heritage, she is extremely affectionate and is quick to roll on her back with hopes of getting a tummy rub.

Like most rescue dogs, her favourite thing in life is food, and her family suspects she might switch allegiances if a pork chop is involved. She loves riding shotgun in the car, hiking in the woods with her canine friends and basking in the sun on the deck.

After a tough beginning, she is now living her best life here in Lions Bay. Have a pork chop on us, Amber!

Amber with her pals Cedar (Coastal Canine Alum 2023), and Tina. Photo by Nancy Richmond.

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That group shot of Amber, Cedar and Tina is fabulous!

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