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Meet Your Candidates

Jamie Cunliffe and Tanya Cosgrave face off in May 6 by-election

Election signs are dotting village lawns and boulevards, and campaigning is underway for the upcoming village by-election. The Watershed will cover a wide swath of election issues in the coming weeks, but today we begin with an introduction to your candidates.

The following information is summarized from written responses submitted by each candidate. This is the first of a two-part introduction, with the remaining questions and answers to follow later in the week.

Former Councillor Says Experience is an Asset

Jaime Cunliffe has lived in Lions Bay for twelve years, raising four children here. She works in the end of life/funeral industry and notes that the job has helped her develop skills for being an unbiased listener. "I feel like my greatest strength is being the queen of compromise. I have the ability to use compromise to find my way through a problem."

Cunliffe loves time spent here in the village, with family and at the beach.

When asked about her priorities, Cunliffe is clear. " I have three main goals," she says. "We need to re-establish a well-functioning staff and bring balance and reason to the council table. This is where my experience as a councillor will be an asset. I also believe we need to focus our attention on critical infrastructure projects and how they will be funded. And finally, protecting our unique natural environment is a priority of mine and I intend to rejoin the Climate Action committee when elected."

In this run for a council position, Cunliffe says she plans to engage with residents directly by walking through the village, and online via her website and Facebook page. She has also decided to use signage, which she had declined to use in her last run for council, due to concerns over excessive waste. "This time, we started by locating recyclable signage to address the concerns I had last time."

As to her thoughts about the current divided state of council, Cunliffe says: "I think my previous experience on council will be helpful now. I'm looking forward to the guidance the Ministry will offer to set a strategic agenda for councillors, the committees, and for staff to work towards. My principal objective is to contribute to regaining mutual respect, focus and function at the council table in order to serve our residents effectively."

Jaime Cunliffe's platform can be found at her website: and her Facebook page. You can reach out to her at

'Bringing Lions Bay Together' a Top Priority

Tanya Cosgrave was born and raised in Lions Bay. After moving to Alberta in her youth, she returned to study business at Capilano College, and has successfully operated her own company, TAG Sales/Peak Gold for the past 30 years. Cosgrave returned to Lions Bay 15 years ago, where she's raised her children and taught music classes to children in the village and beyond. She is vice chair of the Lions Bay Community Scholarship Foundation and served on its fund-raising and events committees, and chaired the Lions Bay Playschool Parent Association. In addition, she and her husband organize the Lions Bay Charity Golf Tournament, and host house concerts. "I am passionate about Lions Bay," she says. "Volunteering and helping at village events reminds me of how much I enjoy supporting a melting pot of generations, cultures, and neighbours."

Cosgrave notes that community connection and ‘Bringing Lions Bay Together’ are top priorities. "I will actively communicate and listen in a thoughtful, positive, respectful manner," she says, also emphasizing the importance of seeking positive solutions to build trust among residents and neighbours. Other priorities include encouraging and increasing volunteerism including programs to help neighbours in need, and increasing village community spirit. Cosgrave promises to use her business skills and experience to prioritize fiscal responsibility. She states the importance of environmental and climate concerns: protecting Howe Sound, water, and forests while supporting and working with our fire, SAR and emergency preparedness teams. Finally, Cosgrave calls for respectful, sustainable growth for the village, while respecting the Official Community Plan (OCP).

When asked about changes to her campaign style from her previous council run, Cosgrave says "I am making ‘Bringing Lions Bay Together’ a top priority, that will embrace everything I do."

With regard to the current divided state of council, Cosgrave says she encourages a team approach, despite differences of opinion. "I will maintain an independent, well informed approach, and use my ability to critically think and listen with courtesy and respectful communication to all." She says her role as a councillor is to communicate the best interests of the community and vote accordingly.

Tanya Cosgrave's platform can be found at her website: and she can be reached at

The second part of this introduction to the candidates will be posted later this week. Follow The Watershed as we cover developments in the by-election as they happen. We encourage respectful discourse, and encourage you to leave your comments below, or email your thoughts to

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7 commenti

Membro sconosciuto
18 apr 2023

Hi, I am Emilie Montgomery a 31 year resident. First I would like to point out that watershed is a private publication and not endorsed by the Village of Lions Bay. I think it is wonderful that we have 2 highly qualified, enthusiastic and caring residents running for political office. I am positive that the intent of both candidates is to bring Lions Bay together in a harmonious and cohesive manner. The time of contentious, acrimonious, petty, mean spirited behavior, & commenting needs to come to an end! When the election is over Lions Bay should once again accept that the 'people have spoken' and I for one will wholeheartedly support whichever candidate becomes councillor. I ask that all residen…

Mi piace

I looked back to the comments on the previous election page ‘Lions Bay town hall’ and there is a video of Ken Berry and Tanya Cosgrave canvassing together and Walking the village. A vote for Tanya is a vote for Ken. I personally tend to believe what I see, not just what I am told.

Mi piace

Norm Barmeier
Norm Barmeier
18 apr 2023

Both candidates are solid.

I sat across the table from Ken and Tanya during the 2022 campaign period and it was obvious that Tanya is a positive, smart and energetic person. I left that event with a very positive impression of Tanya. Tanya is definitely camp Ken, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

A vote for Tanya is a vote for Ken.

I sat across the council table from Jaime for 4 years and saw her vote against Mayor Ron and others on several occasions. She consistently challenged the CAO, and Councilor Abbot. Jaime knows the issues, the players, and the rules, and she voted independently every time. Jaime IS fiercely independent.

A vote for Jaime is a…

Mi piace

I applaud anyone that runs for public office it can be a difficult and thankless task, and you have to “roll with the punches”l admire Jamie and Tanya for putting there names in the ring, but l also question why the Mayor and councillor Broughton along with past Mayor Brenda Broughton are coaching Tanya in this election when she states on her election platform “ l will maintain an independent well informed approach “ this hardly seems independent, to anyone reading between the lines, it’s loading the bases.

Mi piace

Norma Rodgers
Norma Rodgers
18 apr 2023

Our experienced, stable and happy workforce has been eviscerated. One of Jaime's priorities is to reestablish a functioning staff so I fully support that. Council is divided with one side of the table more concerned about control, and the other trying to follow Community Charter rules. Jaime has experience as a Councillor and can help adhere to municipal procedures. Mayor Berry and Councillor Broughton are encouraging residents to vote for Tanya to keep Jaime's experience and reason away from the table.

Mi piace
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