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My Personal LB Historical Society Train

A letter from Trudi Luethy

Royal Hudson, photo credit: Railway Museum of BC

Every train leaves a station and stops at the right destination.

My getting on the train was close to 30 years ago. The landscape was unique, rich, refreshing, invigorating, varied and enjoyable.

Numerous volunteers have stepped on the train and left their mark on the Lions Bay Historical Society. The Society has been in caring hands by Lions Bay residents since it was registered in 1995.

Each person added nuggets of history. They may have been collected by living in the village, gathering information from newspapers, magazine articles or books that have been written about our area.

Proudly we added it all, always looking for more to make sure historical events were documented. There are numerous iconic markers and places that were spearheaded by the society.

I took pride in what we added to the archives, over 20 personal interviews, creating the historical booklets, the Lions Bay flag and much more. Creating the LBHS website began a new era with the keen eyes providing the history on a new compartment of the train, moving along to watch and see the bigger picture in all it’s beauty.

My personal highlights remain the Remembrance Day services honouring our beloved veterans. Over the years, their oral historical experiences from their days of war and conflicts were added to our tapestry, including unforgettable visits with the local students at the school in the woods. The Memorial Garden remains a true testament; “Lest we Forget.”

Lions Bay continues to remain a special place in my heart and so does my time as a longtime and passionate volunteer of the Society.

My passage on the LBHS train has come to an end. Just like the few days that remain in the year 2023, the past is history and the future is ours.

As I wave goodbye from the longest volunteer chapter; I shout out to all: “THANK YOU” for the ride along the peaks, valleys, trails and byways on Howe Sound. Looking up at the majestic Lions, I remind myself of the countless landmarks in Lions Bay. My legacy will stay intact as generations come and go.

To the many volunteers I had the pleasure to work with, thank you for your gifts, talents, laughter, camaraderie, the fun, but most importantly, your love and continued friendships. The light at the end of the tunnel is a glimmer now. New opportunities are on the horizon to usher in the New Year.

I am extending my best wishes to the new LBHS team.

Sincerely, Trudi Luethy

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Thanks Trudi, for all your effort in keeping an accurate record of our past. Someone once said, "A generation which ignores history has no past and no future." You have certainly set a high standard for future members of the Historical Society.


Robin G
Robin G
Dec 30, 2023

Very sad that we are losing so many people from the historical society that have been on it for so long. Thank you to all that have recently stepped down.


Trudi, thanks for all your efforts in helping preserve the history of this special mountainside village. You embody the helpful, open-minded spirit I encountered when I first came here ten years ago.

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