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Plant Pollinators, Please!

Gardening for Beauty and Habitat Vitality

Lions Bay's Butterflyway Rangers team of Val Morton and Hana Boye are sending out the call to gardeners of all ages to attend a special event on Sunday, June 17 from 10:30-12 noon at the Mary Comber Miles Indigenous Plant Garden on Lions Bay Avenue.

The aim of the event is to encourage the planting of native wildflowers that support local bees, butterflies and other pollinators. Morton notes that insects are in decline and planting wildflowers is a way to bring them back.

Master Gardener Jane Sherrott from the Ambleside Pollinator Garden will open proceedings with a talk about how to plant for all four seasons of bloom in Lions Bay. She'll also discuss current research identifying plants that support the highest number and widest range of pollinators.

Following this presentation, information will be made available to attendees about locally native bees, an important part of the ‘pollinator crew’. The Butterflyway Rangers want to support native biodiversity by encouraging gardeners to planting gardens that appeal to pollinators. Boye says their goal is to help establish at least a dozen pollinator-friendly

gardens in Lions Bay, so that the village can be officially recognized as a Butterflyway.

To this end, free native plants will be available for attendees to take home to their own Butterflyway patch. Snacks will also be provided. The event is sponsored in part by grants from the Village of Lions Bay and the West Vancouver Foundation.

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