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Snowmageddon: Our Birds Need Help!

With the snow covering their natural food sources, it is time for us to step up and help the birds through this difficult time.

Nuts and seeds are best sources of nutrients for birds. You can also mix peanut butter with oatmeal.

Please DO NOT put out bread or toast. They have little food value and fill the birds’ stomachs leaving no room for good food should they encounter it.

And don’t forget the Anna hummingbirds that are struggling through this weather. If it’s going to freeze overnight, bring in your hummingbird feeder (as long as you can get it back out again about 6:00 in the morning). The hummers need food as soon as they come out of their deep sleep.

Any other tips to help our avian friends? Post them below in the comments, or drop a line to

Sample bird bowls, courtesy of Andrea Bradshaw.

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