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Village Hall Staircase Repairs Underway

Replacement of wooden staircase finally begins

Repair of the outdoor staircase that links the entrance to Council Chambers with the Village Office and Hall has started, with heavy equipment on scene and the former wooden steps now demolished.

A contractor will complete the job under Public Works (PW) direction, "which is how most municipal projects are delivered," said Director of Operations Karl Buhr. He added that more than a dozen other projects are in line to be addressed this year.

"After a few false starts (fixing the wooden stairs, then an aluminum stair design - neither worked out) the project is moving ahead with the concrete stair slabs," said Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Ross Blackwell.

A local company, Koba Excavating, has been engaged to do the work.

"The process for this project is pretty straightforward," said Buhr. "After demolition of the old stairs, (contractors will) lay and align standard rise and run treads to meet the required elevations at the top and bottom. At the rate we’re going, I expect completion late this or early next week."

The staircase had fallen into disrepair in recent years and has been fully out of commission since last September, when Buhr, then-Public Works Manager, informed Council of the need to shut down the popular short-cut. With the closure of the staircase, staff and residents needing to pass from one part of the building to the other –such as from the Village office to council chambers – have been forced to walk down the street and around the busy corner at Crosscreek and Centre Roads.

The upgrade of the staircase is not the only good-news story this week. "The Klatt building renovation is underway, with a concrete pour happening earlier today," Blackwell said on Wednesday evening.

The Klatt building, which houses the fire and ambulance services in Lions Bay, was awarded a grant back in April of 2021.

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1 Comment

Being a resident of one of those streets that shall not be named (you know, "those leading off Bayview"), that staircase was a welcome shortcut to the bus stop. Why, because it places the potential passenger in the line of sight to the driver, and he/she knows to wait. Walking around the stop sign is too late, the driver is mind-set on heading to Brunswick Beach and the putative passenger now must race down to the Park & Ride stop. Surprised this isn't mentioned by the Watershed or Works, but incredibly some residents take public transit and get around on foot!

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