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World Water Day in Lions Bay

How you can help protect our most precious resource

Living on the side of a mountain in a temperate rainforest, water is never far from our minds. March 22 has been declared World Water Day by the United Nations, with this year's theme focusing on Water for Peace.

With ongoing drought conditions throughout the province and this year's reduced snow pack, water is top of the agenda here in Lions Bay. This week, Public Works Manager Karl Buhr presented Council with two reports addressing water concerns in the Village; the first focused on formalizing water priorities in case of fire during drought season and a second outlining water conservation levels and options.

At last night's Infrastructure Committee (IC) meeting, the committee discussed issues arising out of the distribution, conservation and protection of the water supply. For interested residents, the IC is planning to address both short-term and long-term actions to be taken to address water issues in their April and May meetings.

As we head into spring and summer, The Watershed is going to look at some of the issues surrounding water in more detail, including the ins and outs of water usage and distribution in our village, on-going initiatives aimed at protecting the watershed and actions that local residents can take to help conserve and protect this precious resource.

Have ideas on water usage and conservation you'd like to share? Leave your comments below, or email us at

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