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A Celebratory Weekend in (the) Works

Garth Begley and Alberto Urrutia Mark Milestones

Garth Begley, 25 years. Photo by Ron McLaughlin.

This weekend marks a milestone for anyone in the Village who appreciates clean water, snow and ice-free roads, and a functional infrastructure. Twenty-five years ago on May 3, 1999, Garth Begley joined the Lions Bay Public Works (LBPW) team, and 22 years ago on May 5, Alberto Urrutia signed on.

These days, our two longest serving Public Works members put all their experience to good use. As the foreman of Public Works, Garth handles the organization and supervision of team who look after all the day-to-day details of running our small (but complex) village, drawing on his experience in construction, surveying and landscaping. Through the years Garth's been on hand to help cope with water emergencies, wind storms and runaway boulders, along with everything else this mountainside village has thrown at him. Lions Bay would not be the same without his hard work and dedication.

Alberto Urrutia, 22 years of service.

Alberto Urrutia is Lions Bay's go-to water guy. As the municipality's Chief Water Operator, he keeps up with rigorous training standards, and currently holds top certifications in both water distribution and water treatment. Every time you turn on a tap, the beautiful, clean water that flows out is because of the diligence and care Alberto puts into his job.

Long-time resident and former mayor Ron McLaughlin says that during his 11 years in office, this duo's skill set and positive demeanours were greatly valued. He adds despite being short-handed for some time during that period, they worked extra hard to maintain service levels and keep villagers safe.

“If you meet them, please take a moment to say thank you for their long service and leadership, or recognize them with an email or a honk and a wave as you drive by,” he adds.

On behalf of The Watershed, congratulations to Garth and Alberto on your decades of stellar service!

Want to pass a kind word on to Garth and Alberto? Leave your comments below, or email us at 

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kc dyer
kc dyer
May 10

From Myron Loutet:

You two are so good at making sure that I have enough ice cubes for my evening wee dram.

Thank you both.

Best regards, Myron


Our group of volunteer trailblazers started building the Village trail network 24 years ago. During that time Garth and Alberto's help has been invaluable.. Whenever we needed help I knew all I had to do was call Garth and he and his crew would be there to help if they could.

I feel very lucky to have known you both for so long.


Garth and Alberto, it’s been a pleasure working with you both these past 25 + years., your professional approach to keep the Village safe and have a great positive attitude is what we all strive for in these trying times, well done.👍


Yes, we have been very fortunate to have these two wonderful human beings looking after us for all these years. Where else would we get such personal service?


What fabulous milestones for you both Garth and Alberto. We have been living here 21 years and are in awe of your extensive knowledge and the leadership that keeps this Village fine-tuned no matter what faces you both on the job. Always great to see you both wave and smile as you drive by or when we see you out working or collecting water samples. Thank you for your long service and the care you show for this community.

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