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A Fond Farewell

Corporate Officer moves on

Friday marks the end of an era as Corporate Officer Marina Blagodarov leaves her position at the Lions Bay Village Office after two years.

"We've all benefited from her incredible work ethic and cheerful nature," says one colleague, adding that her departure leaves big shoes to fill.

Village residents have reached out to The Watershed to say how much Blagodarov will be missed.

"When community members found out about Marina's impending departure, it was a bitter-sweet moment," says long-time resident Leslie Nolin. "She will be sorely missed in our community, as she's been a pillar of knowledge and experience guiding the Municipal office through this last 18 months. Of course, many residents are very happy for her and this next phase of her career."

"We wish her all the best in her new position in the corporate world – a challenge she's looking forward to," adds her colleague. "We know she has a bright and prosperous future ahead."

Nolin notes that Blagodarov has been a competent, knowledgeable and trusted fixture in the village office, and adds that a group of residents will visit the office on Friday at noon to say their good byes.

"All village residents are welcome to join us," says Nolin. "It's going to be a hard day." 

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1 Comment

Yes, it was a very hard day to witness the last member of our former cohesive, experienced and competent office team leaving us. Will we ever be lucky enough to hire their like again?

Good luck in your new position, Marina! You will be sorely missed.

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