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A Small Act of Kindness

Your recycling can help

“Summertime…and the living is easy.” That was the enduring viewpoint of George Gershwin.

It is particularly true if one has such luxuries as a roof over your head and a steady source of income. It is much less so if you are living outdoors and dependent upon returnable aluminum beverage containers to maintain the basics of life.

The latter describes the lifestyle of a man who has been a part of our community for a quarter century. He lives in a campsite just beyond our municipal boundaries. You may have seen him walking along the side of the highway looking for discarded containers.

This gentleman (and I use the term with personal knowledge) is now in his early 70s. As some of us know, aging isn’t an easy process. As noted in a column earlier this year, a growing number of us are trying ease his burden by saving our returnable beverage containers for him.

It is the time of the year when we all take time to relax more. Our consumption of beverages in aluminum cans tends to increase significantly. As responsible citizens, we have come to recognize the importance of recycling those containers rather than sending them to the landfill.

Rather than just putting your aluminum beverage containers into the recycling bin for pickup on Friday morning, please consider one small step that will make a significant difference in the life of this deserving individual.

That is where you come into the picture. Simply separate returnable aluminum beverage cans from the rest of your recycling. Just put them in a plastic bag or a box. When you want to get rid of them, leave them in the driveway at 229 Bayview Road or call 604-351-1400 to have them picked up.

It is a small act of kindness. One that has a major impact in a good man’s life.

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Glad you have mentioned help for Jack. He is a decent guy, Sometimes I see him at the kelvin grove bus stop and give him a lift to North Van.

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