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Bear Smart Director Visits School

Lions Bay Students Engaged and Informed

Lions Bay Community School students recently enjoyed a visit from Rubin the Bear and his pal Christine Miller, who is a co-executive Director of the North Shore Black Bear Society. A former school Bear Smart Educator, this was Miller's third visit to the school, but only Rubin's first. (Rubin is a puppet, named for a bear cub rescued from the North Shore by Critter Care Wildlife Society.)

Miller first visited the preschoolers in Saplings, where the students learned how bears behave and what they eat. They had fun practicing a series of bear-moves including climbing, scratching, sniffing and swimming.

The kindergarten and Grade One classes discussed what bears eat, how not to attract them and what they should do if they encounter a bear. The Grade Two and Grade Three students watched video footage from local nature cameras that showed bears scratching their backs, being treed by cats and dogs and even swimming in backyard pools. These kids also learned lots of bear facts, including identifying attractants and handling bear encounters. Miller described how the students can make use of the Lions Bay Bear Smart website when they have questions or if they spot a bear.

Bear Smart founding member Norma Rodgers was in attendance, and reported that the students were fully engaged, asking questions and telling bear stories. Rodgers noted that the Bear Smart Committee funded the education sessions. She added that with the increased activity in the village over the last few years, the committee hopes to provide more opportunities for bear smart education in future.

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This is a wonderful story about education of the young being the key to everything. Thank you to all those involved.


Excellent. Thank you Christine for engaging and informing the students. Thank you Norma for your commitment to Bear Smart in our community.

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