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Breaking: Council Seeks New Chief Administrative Officer

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Acting CAO/CFO Ron Miller Out

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The Watershed has learned today that Acting CAO/CFO Ron Miller's contract expired on May 30, and the position is once again vacant. Provincially-appointed Municipal Advisor Randy Diehl confirms that he is working with Lions Bay Council as they actively seek to fill the Chief Administrative Officer's position.

At this moment, it's still not clear who will take on the role of Chief Financial Officer, now also vacant with the departure of Miller.

Council next meets on Tuesday June 6, with the public portion of the meeting beginning at 7 p.m.

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'Hogwash ''my sentiments exactly, to many new hires, " All hat and no horse '" just one more example of the sorry state of affairs our Village is in at present


This Village has always had very talented hardworking staff with municipal experience while competing with our neighbouring cities North and West Vancouver and Squamish. To say there is no cronyism or nepotism you need to get your “ head out of the sand” since all new hires can be tired back to this Mayor one way or the other, hence all the debacle we have at present. Never have we seen this Village in such a mess as we have seen in these past five months, even under the direction of the government advisor we have had to bring in, along with two other government officials, we still are in limbo.


A Greville
A Greville
Jun 02, 2023

This news should not be a surprise to anyone at all, least of all the publisher. The final comments in the reporting of the 16 May Council Meeting were as follows:

"Following the closed portion of the meeting, Council reported they are now actively recruiting a new CAO and other staff with the guidance of Randy Diehl. And on that cheerful note, the meeting adjourned for the final time.

What does everyone think this meant?

Replying to

Apparently Miller left the moment the budget was delivered— a budget he did not understand how to create- hence the lateness. He was a placeholder, nothing more. I have a sneaking suspicion we are about to get a shock of a VU- later today as there was foreshadowing in the last council meeting-(if anyone understands the importance of foreshadowing has here) Mayor Barry took it upon himself to challenge Randy Diehl and state that there was talk of re-organizing the roles of CAO and Village Manager yadda yadda…. Even though the agreement from the closed portion of the meeting was around hiring a new CAO…..Think Mayor Barry’s previous comments were intentional and shouldn’t be ignored- they represent planning and discussio…


It is incredibly hard to find and hire municipal talent, in particular for a smaller entity like Lions Bay which is also constrained in its ability to offer competitive salary packages. We compete with North and West Van, Squamish, even Vancouver. It is not easy to just fill these roles, it is often a long and sometimes complicated process. There is also the consideration that some roles may be better sourced locally so we have staff that is closer to the community and understand Lions Bay culture. To start throwing around terms like 'cronyism' and 'nepotism' is not helpful and simply not true. People are working hard to find solutions. Finally, the merger of the CAO/CFO role is an old…

Unknown member
Jun 06, 2023
Replying to

All the staff necessary ? Lol we had FAR TOO MANY staff to run this small village - that ran like perfect swiss clock back when we had ONE office manager.


Why wasn’t Mr Millar’s contract renewed?

Replying to

Because he was a place holder and didn’t do a damn thing for the money paid to him.

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