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Breaking: Trailheads, Visitor Parking Closed

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Village Order Issued Today

[Edited August 25 to add reissued press release]

Thoughts about the trailhead closures? The Watershed values your opinion. Leave your comments below, or email

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Ever since reading the trail closure notice, I have had a recurring comedic image of a bunch of whack-jobs sporting TRUMP flags in a so-called "Freedom Convoy" showing up at the trail head in the Village, stomping their feet and demanding their imagined "right" to use the trails. 😂


This decisive action by Acting Mayor Jamie Cunliffe and council is greatly appreciated. Restricting parking to village residents should go a long way to making the closure of the hiking trails enforceable.


Norm B
Norm B
Aug 25, 2023

The last thing we want is for our homes to be uninsurable because of wildfire threats. This is already happening in the interior, so I would argue it’s prudent we keep managing the risks and show leadership on the issue; despite the obvious populist backlash.


Thank you for taking this extremely necessary step at this crucial time we all find ourselves in.


Norma Rodgers
Norma Rodgers
Aug 25, 2023

I am relieved because the forest is very dry and I have seen some irresponsible smoking behaviour. It is a shame that our watershed is closed to nature loving responsible hikers, but a fire would devastate our village.

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