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Coastal Canine

Meet Ella, our March coverdog!

Ella has been a fixture in Lions Bay since 2015 when her family saw a Facebook post from the New Westminster Humane Society asking for someone to rescue a very ill Staffie mix from the vet hospital where her previous person abandoned her.

Turns out it was for the best, as the locals of Lions Bay have treated her like the princess she believes herself to be. She used to play more with her furry friends but as she gets along in years, she prefers the attention of anyone willing to scratch her head and ears.

You may have been accustomed to seeing her walk with her two older brothers, Monty and Billy. But regretfully, time came for both of them this past August and December. So if you see her whining at you on one of her daily walks, it's her way of letting you know you may pet her--in fact, she insists. 

Memories of Monty, Ella and Billy.

Enjoy the sunshine, Ella!

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Yay Ella! ❤️

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