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Grassroots Petition Now Online

Updated: Mar 26

Water, fire and community protection plan seeking support

A petition seeking community support for action to protect the village's water supply is now available online. Organized by a group of volunteers in Lions Bay who say they are "passionate about protecting the watershed in our community", the petition is the latest effort of the grassroots initiative.

The volunteers have been working since 2023 on a plan to relocate visitor parking to the village gravel pit, and to redirect hikers enroute to Tunnel Bluffs away from the water intake at Magnesia Creek.

A concerned citizen says her family started the process that has led to this petition because they are worried about the security of village water. Living in a house just above the Sunset trailhead gives them a bird’s eye view of the increase in hiker traffic in the past few years.

"This petition is not just aimed at folks who are worried about parking," she says. "People need to understand that if our water is at risk, everyone in the village is at risk. With up to 14,000 people in the space of a month walking less than 200 metres from the village water intake pipe, it's not NIMBY-ism when you are trying to protect a small community's water source. We are happy to welcome hikers from outside the village, just in a more responsible way."

The village needs to have foresight, and planning in place, she says. "With that many people walking across our water intake, contamination is only a matter of time. This has been an ongoing problem. And over the years we have always said 'Running out of water? It's never going to happen.' Well, as we've just heard at the last council meeting, it very well could happen."

She points to the motion passed by Council at the February 21 meeting resolving to seek help from the provincial government to discuss the municipality’s water circumstances, and to petition for support in implementing solutions to address the short- and long-term water supply needs of Lions Bay.

A resident who is part of the volunteer group, says she's been listening to locals complain for years about fire and watershed risks, and parking issues. "This is the first proposal I've seen that could actually help solve all these problems. There has already been so much great work in mapping out a path forward and I want to help take the next steps."

The resident says that she doesn't want to be someone who complains but does nothing to help solve the problem. "I know it isn't always possible to make a difference,” she says. “But in this case it is."

Organizers are still looking for more volunteers to help distribute flyers throughout the village in the next month.

"Our infrastructure is failing and according to the Water Report, we are currently using triple the water of other local municipalities. With the massive increase in people in our watershed and the severe drought conditions of the past few years, we face a combination of factors that make a perfect storm."

There is no age limit on signing the petition, and parents can add the names of their children. "Children also need water protection. Anyone who drinks water in the village can sign."

The petition will be online until March 31, after which the team will send it to Lions Bay Mayor and Council, to West Vancouver Sea-to-Sky MLA Jordan Sturdy, and to West Vancouver, Sunshine Coast, Sea-to-Sky MP Patrick Weiler.

Anyone interested in volunteering to help with this initiative can contact The petition can be found HERE and will be available to sign until March 31, 2024.

(Editor's note, March 26: Resident names have been redacted for privacy.)

We value your opinion! Please share your thoughts on parking or water security below, or email 

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