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Lawsuit Settled

Civil claim by ex-CAO Peter DeJong closed in January

The lawsuit filed against the Village of Lions Bay by its former Chief Administrative Officer Peter DeJong has been settled, according to documents filed with the BC Supreme Court on January 29, 2024.

On that date, DeJong filed a Consent Order indicating that no further action would be taken with regard to the lawsuit initiated back in June of 2023.

DeJong was dismissed from his role in December, 2022 after almost seven years in the position.

The civil suit claimed further compensation for his dismissal, citing amendments made to his contract in 2018 and again in 2021. In addition to the damages of more than $85,000 for breach of contract, DeJong was seeking further damages for special damages, costs and interest.

The settlement means an end to the ongoing costs to the municipality for legal fees.

The Watershed contacted both the Village and DeJong. Both confirmed the settlement of the lawsuit by consent, and declined further comment.

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To get rid of DeJong cost the village $406,962, when his contract could have just run out for free?

Who on earth masterminded that insane miscalculation?


Norma Rodgers
Norma Rodgers
12 mrt.

I think deJong was fired because Mayor Berry's supporters didn't feel that they should follow the rules and CAO deJong was imposing regulations against them. If Council had made a wise decision to wait out the remaining 18 months of his contract and just not renew it, they could have avoided the hundreds of thousands of dollars taxpayers must cover for terminating him without cause. and disputing his contract payout. Also deJong could have used his expertise and very competent team to continue running the village successfully. Since deJong's and most of his team's departures, utility notices were late last year, and there are accounting reports from 2022 still outstanding to the ministry. I have been watching all council an…


Re De Jong: It's unclear why he was fired in the first place, rather than just letting his contract run out, and also unclear what the court settlement cost us LB citizens. In the dark in lower Kelvin Grove.

Reageren op

It is unclear to me also, Rod, because those of us who knew Peter DeJong well, having had dealings with him through volunteer work, declared him one of the most hard-working and competent CAOs that Lions Bay had ever had, It is also worth mentioning that he, being a lawyer, saved the village tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees because he chose, in his own time, to do much of the preliminary work as a kindness to our village. Looking at the budget figures, it would appear that to get rid of him has cost us $406,962, and I am in agreement with Norma's comments above which suggest that we were much better served by the knowledgeab…

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