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Lions Bay By-Election Set For May 6

Nominations for the single council seat open March 21

Newly-appointed Chief Elections Officer Mark Brown has set the local by-election for May 6, following a campaign period that officially begins April 12, 2023.

This by-election has been called to fill the council seat that has remained vacant since the resignation of Norm Barmeier on December 9, 2022, less than six weeks into the term.

In addition to Brown, Kathy Smeal and Marlene McGunigal have been appointed as deputy elections officers. None of the three appointed officers is a resident of Lions Bay.

Nominations for the position of councillor must be offered in the ten-day period between March 21 and 31. The nomination papers may be submitted in person or by email. All the required documents are available to potential nominees at the village office during regular business hours.

To qualify for office, potential candidates must be Canadian citizens of 18 years or older, be BC residents of at least six months, and not be disqualified under the Local Government Act.

Interest in this by-election is expected to be high, as the current council has been beset with controversy, staff departures and resignations.

Be sure to follow The Watershed for complete election coverage.

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Jan Jaye
Jan Jaye
14 mrt. 2023

At last an official announcement. The mayor is not authorized to announce an election date but he did so twice

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