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Lions Bay to Receive Grant from Province

Growing Communities Fund to provide $1 Billion in grants to all provincial municipalities and regional districts

Lions Bay is slated to receive a sizeable grant from the provincially-funded Growing Communities Fund. The formation of the fund was announced by Premier Dave Eby back in February, and details of the specific grant amounts were released on Friday. Lions Bay is slated to receive $988,000 to be put toward infrastructure projects.

According to the provincial government, the Growing Communities Fund is a one-time boost to help fund community infrastructures. The grants are being offered to every municipality and regional district in the province - 188 in all.

The formula for awarding the grant money to communities and regional districts is based on population size and growth. Locally, the Squamish-Lillooet Regional District (SLRD), will be awarded just over $1.5 million, West Vancouver is due to receive $8 million, and Bowen Island will pull in $2.27 million.

Mayor Berry thanked the province in Friday's Village Update. "I look forward to working with our Infrastructure Committee, which I hope to name shortly, to bring to Council recommendations on how these funds should be used to ensure we have safe sustainable, and affordable infrastructure."

Other grant-driven projects currently pending in the village include the rebuild of the Klatt Building and the Lions Bay Beach Park project.

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Jan Jaye
Jan Jaye
Mar 06, 2023

The village has a list of projects that have already been prioritized. The mayor should take a look at it.

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