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Local Architect Suspended

Will Village projects be affected?

On March 22, a Discipline Notice was issued by the Architectural Institute of British Columbia (AIBC) regarding Russell B. Meiklejohn Architect AIBC and Millenia Architecture Corp.

AIBC is the regulatory body for the profession of architecture in the province.

Meiklejohn, a Lions Bay resident, is the architect of record on both the Lions Bay Beach Park (LBBP) and Klatt Building upgrade projects. The disciplinary notice was issued "for non-compliance with the agreed-upon penalty terms in his consent order dated December 15, 2023." It indicates that Meiklejohn is suspended from the register of AIBC members until he meets the agreed-upon requirements and pays his outstanding fines.

The consent order notes that Meiklejohn was investigated with respect to non-compliance with the AIBC’s Continuing Education System (CES) requirements, ending in June, 2022.

According to AIBC regulations, since 2001 architects in British Columbia are required to take continuing education in support of their professional development, and register the completion of these courses with the AIBC.

The consent order states that Meiklejohn was given repeated opportunities to pay the fines levied and make up the continuing education requirements throughout 2022 and 2023, but has not done so. On March 13, 2024 he was suspended from the AIBC register of architects as a result.

The order also states that part of Meiklejohn's responsibility is to contact all his clients to advise them of his suspension from the AIBC register, and that he is no longer able to perform professional architectural services until reinstated.

The Watershed has reached out to village council and to Meiklejohn for comment, but has not yet received a response.

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