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Looking Back on an Old Bird

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

Villagers who have lived here a while may remember The Seagull - Lions Bay's print community newspaper. Your humble editor spent almost a decade editing and publishing The Seagull around the turn of the last century, but it existed long before that.

Long-time village resident Douglas Miller recently unearthed an old issue of The Seagull and was kind enough to share it with us here at The Watershed as a kind of blast from the past.

Nine pages long with a hand-drawn cover, this 1974 edition opens with a hand-typed article about a writer's regret over a typo. Some things never change!

Want to have a look for yourself? Site members can click HERE to read a pdf of this issue of The Seagull in all its' mimeographed glory.

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And thanks again to Douglas Miller for giving us this unique peek into the past days of our wee village.

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Tamara L
Tamara L
Jan 30, 2023

We actually moved here because of the lively + entertaining Seagull vibe. The community conversations were around bears, water, and Letters protesting Dip’nDash certificates for those who did not “properly” wade in far enough to merit (circa1999). SO MANY varied community contributors... perspectives and voices. We could not believe that such a place still existed (outside SesameStreet). LOVED the Seagull… made me look forward to opening my mailbox. I would often read it at kids sports practice in WVan. Sad day it was shuttered. If I can find my old copies I will pass them along! Thanks for sharing this! Thanks to everyone who made/contributed/sponsored The Seagull in all its forms. And thanks for all involved in The Watershed too!!…

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