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Pat Carney

Former Journalist and Politician lived in Lions Bay in the 1970s

Pat Carney perches on the rocks of Harvey Creek b.eside her home on Seaview Place in the 1970s

The death of former Senator, Cabinet Minister and journalist Pat Carney was announced today by news outlets across the country. Carney famously became the first female Conservative Member of Parliament (MP) elected in B.C., the first female Conservative appointed to the Senate from B.C., and was the first woman to hold every cabinet position she was appointed to, along with many other firsts.

When she lived in Lions Bay, Carney was a business writer for both the Vancouver Sun and Vancouver Province. Long-time resident Tony Cox remembers Carney fondly. "She lived just down the street from us on Seaview Place with her son," he says. "I got to know her a bit better when we met by coincidence in Fort Nelson. She was doing a tour up there and we had a very nice get together."

The CBC did a brief televised biography of Carney in 1970 that touches on her time here in the Village. She was born in Shanghai, but grew up in the Kootenays before moving to the Lower Mainland. After leaving Lions Bay she moved to Saturna Island, where she lived until her death. Carney was 88.

Do you have any memories of Pat Carney from before her political years? Leave a comment below, or email us at

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Thanks for posting this. I’ve shared with our neighbour on Seaview who now lives in her house. Love seeing old footage/photos of the Village.

kc dyer
kc dyer
Jul 29, 2023
Replying to

It's pretty cool, isn't it? I cracked up at "lady business writer" in the video.


Terrific tribute to a significant former Lions Bay resident. Thanks for including the CBC story about Pat Carney.

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