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Salon Solstice

Squamish Stylist Stages haircut Marathon For Charity

Jesse Ervin grew up in Alberta, but these days he considers Squamish his home. And on the longest day of 2023, he plans to ply his trade from dawn til dusk out of doors at the O’Siyam pavilion on Cleveland Avenue in Squamish, with all funds raised going to Under One Roof.

Under One Roof is an initiative of Squamish Helping Hands Society, where a centre for social service partners, supportive housing and a food hub all co-exist in one location.

Ervin moved from Lethbridge to Toronto when he was 19 to begin his training at the Aveda Institute. He gained further training and experience in New York City and London before moving to Squamish in April, 2021.

"I'm still pretty new here," he said recently in an interview with The Watershed. "But it has quickly become home."

Ervin plys his cutting and styling skills at Noble House in Squamish, and spends his down time boarding and biking. In fact, he had originally planned to spend the June solstice riding his bike from sunrise to sunset with friends.

"Then I decided that all that pedalling sounded bad and maybe 15 hours doing haircuts was a better way to spend the time. The O’Siyam pavilion is the perfect spot because of the central location, beautiful views and coverage from rain."

Ervin's 'Salon Solstice' haircuts booked up quickly, but he has created a wait list in case of cancellations at The cuts are by donation, starting at $35 each.

As for his choice of charity, Ervin volunteers once a month with Under One Roof, giving complimentary haircuts to clients.

He says the Salon Solstice is another chance to contribute to the Under One Roof and Squamish Helping Hands community.

"I'm so grateful to be in the position that I can give back to the community through my craft and love of hairdressing. I'm looking forward to spending the longest day of the year outdoors, cutting hair and hanging with some really great people."

Every day, Under One Roof provides hot meals for over 100 people, and rescues 250-350 pounds of food, redistributing it to people in need. This translates to more than 35,000 meals served in a year, 12,600 bagged lunches distributed to local schools, and to more than 3,000 shelter stays.

Donations to the society, in the form of money, food, and other options, are accepted HERE.

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