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Signs of the Times

Seasonal change and "close calls" behind signage changes

Sharp-eyed readers have noticed some changes in the signage around the village lately. Pay parking signs have been taken down in many locations along Bayview Road and Mountain Drive, and the pay parking machines have been removed from their usual locations.

In addition, several smaller signs to manage traffic have appeared on signposts around the village.

Public Works Manager Karl Buhr reports that pay parking signage is coming down for the season. He adds that the installation of the traffic management signs is the direct result of a number of "close calls" around the Village, and notes that more information will be forthcoming in the Village Update.

At a Council meeting in November, Buhr mentioned the potential for a 'wayfinding' signage project, to be run in conjunction with Translink, but says that at present, that project is still at the committee stage.

New traffic management sign at the Cross Creek intersection.

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Norma Rodgers
Norma Rodgers
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I think 'close calls' at the busy intersection were results from people not obeying the STOP signs. As a road walker I find some drivers dangerous as they ignore signs and speed. I don't expect more signage to have an impact..

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