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The Slugs Are Lining Up...

Updated: May 26, 2023

Today's Most Important Race

After the excitement and anxiety of the by-election, don't forget that today holds a race of a different sort. Alison Dudley's fundraiser for the families of the Syrian refugees sponsored by the Village is on this afternoon at 3 p.m. on Sunset Drive.

The by-election may be over, but budget coverage continues. As always, The Watershed welcomes your thoughts. Leave a comment below, or email

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“If you are doing a great job, someone won’t be happy” …was a comment a journalism prof once said to me years ago. And ‘the Watershed’ is a much needed open source book for our community and the content has been fair, up to date and relevant for us all. Thank you!!!


Thanks so much Karen!! Just going out slug hunting now. See you all there.


Thank you Karen for the wonderful work that you do in publishing THE WATERSHED. It is a great service in our community and deserves support. If we had to depend solely on the VILLAGE UPDATE that emanates from our local government, we would only know what they are prepared to tell us. Let’s face it, we are already aware of what they want us to know

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