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Tomorrow! Bird-Friendly Community Event

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LB Bird Friendly and Bear Smart teams, Community Bat Program (LB's new Bat Ambassador will be there!), the Átl'ka7tsem/Howe Sound Biosphere Region and Marine Stewardship Initiative, the Native Plant Garden and their Butterflyway Project, and the Sea to Sky Eagle Education Community Awareness Program. Also participating are the LB Trailblazers and Seniors' Social Circle. There will also be a display of Lions Bay School kids’ nature art: beautiful new signs featuring native plants, and also paper mâché birds.


9:15 - 10:15 a.m.: Build-a-Birdhouse (details and sign up here); Bird ID with Merlin sound ID (NEW - details and sign up here); Bird Friendly Art Project (details and sign up here); Be-a-Bird Face painting (NEW - no sign-up required for this one).

10:30 a.m.: Interactive "Eagle Experience" (NEW - all ages - no sign up required): presented by the Sea to Sky Eagle Education Community Awareness Program. This session will draw kids in with interactive moments, for example, they will map out the true size of an eagle’s nest (it’s big!) and experience what an eagle’s egg feels like. There will also be video footage of an eaglet being born and learning to fly. It’s designed to interest all ages, including parents and grandparents.

11:30 - noon: Prize draws, including a pair of Vanquish 8X26 Binoculars, hummingbird feeders and organic Bird Friendly Coffee (thanks to Wild Birds Unlimited in North Van), items from Little by Little Pottery (thanks, Christine!) and more…

Noon: The Trailblazers will lead a walk to see the Baby eagles on the NEW NEST (all ages - no sign up required). There’ll be a spotting scope and binoculars available for a good, close-up look! Good for all ages.

Tea, Bird Friendly coffee and goodies from the Red Couch Bakery available 9:15 - noon. The Senior's Social Circle will be brewing and serving.

BBQ burgers & pop available 11 - 2 p.m. (Help us plan… book your burgers here).

Questions? email us at

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we have a pair of western tanagers nesting in our rear yard for the third time

Replying to

Wow, that also is spectacular!

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