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Village Releases 2022 Annual General Report

Report 11 months overdue; Audit also available

Friday's Village Update contains a link to Lions Bay's 2022 Annual Report, releasing the document nearly a year after the June 29, 2023 due date.

The 43-page report is presented with the same cover photo as the 2021 report, with many of the interior images also duplicated from the previous year's report. It highlights both outgoing and incoming Councils, and offers a summary of committees, priorities and objectives for the coming year, in this case 2023.

As is customary in past reports, infrastructure, financial, planning, communication and organizational objectives are outlined. A summary of accomplishments of the Public Works department are presented, along with a look at Lions Bay Fire Rescue (LBFR) training objectives and accomplishments for the year.

The document containing the 2022 Audited Financial Statement has not been included as a part of this Annual Report as has been past practice, but can now be found on the Village website HERE. (An earlier story outlining concerns raised in the Management letter accompanying the 2022 Audit can be read HERE.)

Supplemental information includes a breakdown of revenues and expenses including the numbers of dog permits issued, films shot and trees cut down. A comparison of property values and taxes assessed in the Village is coupled with a comparison with other Metro municipalities and followed by a look at census data.

The report ends with a summary of the Village's five-year plan, for the years 2022-2026.

According to the Village Update, Council will consider the Annual Report and public feedback at the Annual Meeting held on June 18. No mention is made of the 2023 Annual Report, which is due this June 29.

[Edited to add, from the financial reporting page of the provincial government website: "The report must be presented at a public meeting before June 29 each year and made available for public inspection at least 14 days prior to that meeting."]

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