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Village Rocked by Resignations

Two new resignations were announced at the February 7th council meeting as Lions Bay was further rocked by staff changes that have occured since shortly after the inauguration of the new council in November, 2022. (Note: This week's Council In Focus article will be posted Thursday, February 9.)

Mayor Ken Berry opened last night's council meeting with the announcement that Acting CAO Anthony Tobin had offered his resignation earlier in the day. Berry followed this by noting that long-time building inspector David Butler had tendered his own resignation earlier this month.

The string of post-election departures began when Councillor Norman Barmeier's resignation was made public December 9th, 2022. Councillor Barmeier's resignation came after he had served less than six weeks in office during his second full term. His resignation automatically triggered a by-election, which has been tentatively scheduled for April of 2023. In the interim, Council has continued operations with three councillors and the mayor.

The Village Update of December 9th also stated that both Chief Administrative Officer Peter deJong and Chief Financial Officer Pamela Rooke would be "moving on".

Later that same day, an official press release from the Office of Mayor Ken Berry confirmed that deJong would be leaving his position with the village after a transition period had concluded. deJong's last day in his job was December 16, 2022. Tobin was appointed acting CAO on January 3.

On January 6, the resignations of Works staffers Kyle McCallum and Clint Evernden became public. Later that month Rooke resigned, completing her last day of work on January 18. Her position was filled by Ron Miller, who attended his first council meeting on January 31.

Last night's announcements bring the total of departed staff, appointees and council members to seven since November 1, 2022.

Edited February 9, 2023: For another perspective, CBC Metro Matters reporter Justin McElroy posted an in-depth look at the staffing situation in Lions Bay on the CBC British Columbia news site HERE, along with a discussion piece on the Early Edition, which can be found HERE.

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5 kommentarer

Kommentarer er slået fra.

Your story and the chart certainly lays out succinctly, the upheaval we have been experiencing in our local goverment.

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Ukendt medlem
09. feb. 2023

Also Linda Brick, Municipal Clerk and Elections Officer left right after the elections concluded.

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kc dyer
kc dyer
09. feb. 2023
Svarer til

This was before the inauguration day, so I didn't include her, Mary. Agree with both you and Tamara -- a serious loss to the village!

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Norma Rodgers
Norma Rodgers
09. feb. 2023

Wow, that is a huge turnover for such a small Council and Administration. No wonder someone alerted the CBC so that "Metromatters" reporter Justin McElroy began an investigation. On Thursday February 9 at 8:10 am his report will air on CBC radio.

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