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An Unsung Hero

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

[Editor's Note: This guest post was penned by long-time Lions Bay resident Rose Dudley. The Watershed welcomes contributions from local writers and creatives. Contact if you'd like to submit a story.]

Unsung hero Rod Baker

As a long-term member of the Trail Blazers, I was grateful to The Watershed for recognising our efforts in an early edition of this publication. While it is always satisfying to have confirmation that our work is appreciated, we do receive many accolades because we are very visible.

Lions Bay, however, has many unsung heroes, people who quietly go about their lives helping others with no wish for recognition.

Recently, on the Lions Bay Neighbours Facebook page, we noticed a picture of the inside of a garage displaying large quantities of items to be sold or given away. When we asked the owner if he was planning to move, he responded, “No, just getting rid of stuff”.

Only by chance, we discovered that it was not the garage of the owner who had posted the picture. Instead, it was that of a recently widowed resident who our unsung hero was helping to dispose of the contents of her late husband’s workshop. Then, we learned that he had provided the same service for another widow who had recently left the village.

Rod Baker, you won’t thank me for exposing you, but you are the one-in-a-million kind of neighbour who justly deserves some recognition for your selflessness.

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