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Council Responds to Departure of Public Works Manager

Nai Jaffer's Expertise A Tough Act To Follow

The departure of former Public Works Manager Nai Jaffer at the end of April marked the ninth staff and/or council member to depart since the beginning of the latest electoral term. After The Watershed broke the story of Jaffer's departure on April 15, many of our readers offered tributes to his work ethic, skill set and experience. The Watershed requested a comment at the time from the Council. While Councillor Neville Abbott offered his personal thoughts, the formal reply to our request arrived on May 22, penned by Councillor Marcus Reuter on behalf of the Mayor and Council:

The loss of Nai Jaffer is one felt keenly by Council and our Village. As others having noted more eloquently, he’ll be a tough act to follow. His longstanding municipal experience went far beyond his immediate field, and his knowledge of our critical infrastructure needs and challenges, his understanding of and contributions to vital grant processes, and his principled and reasoned approach will be sorely missed. We wish him the very best and extend our gratitude to Nai for all the ways in which he’s always gone above and beyond for our community.

You can read The Watershed's profile of Jaffer HERE, and the reaction to his resignation HERE.

The position of Acting Public Works Manager has since been filled by former Mayor Karl Buhr.

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Having worked with nine public works managers over these past 26 years, Nai without any doubt was the leader of the pack. Extremely knowledgeable of Lions Bay infrastructure and it’s needs, and his ability at Grant writing was remarkable he was approachable and liked by all who worked with him. No wonder he had three job offer within a week, he was sort out by many municipalities and cities for his knowledge. Good luck in your new venture, Nai it was a pleasure to have worked with you. Dave Butler.

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