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Meet Cover-dog Wally

January's Coastal Canine is the wildest mix yet

According to Wally's person, our January Coastal Canine is part rat, part racoon and part skunk.

The truth, of course, is even more complicated than that. Likely a Cairn terrier mix, Wally was rescued off the mean streets of Palm Springs. With an unerring eye for a good meal, he followed his new people home one night and when his first family proved happy to see him move on, he has never looked back.

Wally's name comes from Wall-E in the Pixar movie, and one of his many talents is collecting trash on his walks. He favours used coffee cups, which he gladly carries all the way home. His preferred treats are Dog Delights from Costco and his neighbour's scrumptious elk meat sausages.

Wally's only trick is to sit for treats but his family say that he is an adorable companion who won't ever stray far.

Have an elk sausage on us, Wally!

Wally holds court in a local pub.

If your coastal canine (or other Pacific Pet) would care to be featured in The Watershed, please forward a cover-ready glamour shot and bio to

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