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Meet February's Coastal Canine

Wee Bourbon loves her new home

photo by Bobo Zhao

Bourbon is a seven-year-old toy/teacup poodle whose family moved to Lions Bay last year.

At only four pounds, she has enough personality for a dog ten times her size. When not busy as a semi-professional model (see cover photo, left), she spends her leisure time hiking local mountains (she's conquered both Mount Seymour and the Lions) or chasing sticks at the beach. Her favourite trail by far is Upper Harrison, where she fortifies her walks by munching on leaves and moss.

While Bourbon will tolerate other dogs, she'd actually prefer to wrestle with her cat friends all day long. On a recent trip to France, Bourbon developed a taste for for croissants and french cheese, though her preferred foods are sweet potato and chicken. Her special trick, when showing off for other dogs, is to complete a full front pawstand while she does her business.

Can't wait to hear what glamorous adventures are in store, Bourbon!

photo by Bobo Zhao

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